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桃子视频app黄Deiniol’s ceramic practice explores the dichotomy between rhythm and discord, balance and disorder. Bringing together raw and unrefined materials and incorporating them into the clay, he seeks to find the harmonious point between the rhythmic flow of the potter’s wheel and the disruptive and chaotic inclusions within the modified clay.


桃子视频app黄Since 2013 Deiniol has been working on developing a range of hand made earthenware tiles for home interiors and installations.

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Publications & Media

  • 桃子视频app黄Interview for Living North Online - ‘’ - October 2019

  • Tiles used in the film set for ‘’ - Released Oct 2018

  • Tiles featured in an article on – ‘’ 22 Oct 2018

  • Ceramic Review - 'Following the Fire' - Article about Deiniol's current practice, written by Liz Mitchell (Jan/Feb 2015 issue 271)

  • 桃子视频app黄Appearing on the Welsh TV programme Mosgito on S4C (23rd June 2009)

  • The Log Book - 'The Early Experiences of a New Woodfiring Practice' – Article written by Deiniol Williams (Feb 2009 issue37)

  • Appeared on the Young Talent slot on the Welsh television program Y Sioe Gelf (The Art Show) on S4C (15th and 21st February 2006)

  • Ceramic Review 'Lessons from a Master' - Article written by Deiniol about his experience on the Matsuzaki Ken course in North Wales (Nov/Dec 2005 issue 216)


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