Throwing with Inclusions

Forest Row School of Ceramics, East Sussex

18th - 19th July 2020

桃子视频app黄I have been invited to teach a weekend course at the Forest Row School of Ceramics in July. The course will aim to teach students how to throw with highly grogged clay and the various techniques used to control the material.

Topics covered will include:

  • 桃子视频app黄Choosing materials to combine with the clay

  • How to throw with small and large inclusions

  • Throwing larger forms using grogged clay

  • 桃子视频app黄Carving / Faceting

桃子视频app黄*** Please note, students need to be proficient at throwing basic shapes before they sign up ***

Please visit the Forest Row School of Ceramics website to find out more and to book a place: