'Under the Bed SALE'

Cupola Contemporary Art Gallery, Sheffield

11th January - 1st February 2020

I have delivered a large selection of ceramics to the annual Cupola ‘Under the Bed Sale’ in Sheffield. All the pieces are less than 1/2 price or more. Get down to the gallery early because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

*** Please note that this is not an exhibition ***

Saturday 11th 10am - 8pm (LATE NIGHT OPENING) then,
10am - 6pm Monday-Saturday
12am - 4pm Sunday

Cupola’s Under The Bed Sale is the most popular event of the gallery calendar. It brings hundreds of people to the gallery, many of whom are visiting for the first time, to see if they can find a bargain! The concept behind this event came about many years ago when an artist friend of mine invited me to her house and pulled out rather a lot of work from, quite literally, under her bed. When I asked if she would show it, she replied that she wouldn’t because it was old and out of date work. However she also said she didn’t want to throw it away. When I asked her if she would sell it, she, unsurprisingly said, “of course!” This was how the sale was born. This is an opportunity for artists to put older and out of date work on sale at bargain prices. Work does not need to be either framed or mounted, although that is, of course, fine too. Sketch book work is fine, old life drawings, samples, tests, maquettes, slight seconds, misaligned prints, work that’s currently stored in the garage, hidden in the attic, stored at your mum’s, etc.

Prices from £1 - £350

New items will arrive throughout the sale period.
— Karen Sherwood | Cupola Contemporary Art

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